Robert Flatley

County Councillor for Ilkeston East Division

Robert Flatley - Ilkeston East Division

Martyn Ford

County Councillor for Etwall and Repton Division

Martyn Ford - Etwall and Repton Division

MARTYN FORD was first elected on to the council in May 2005 representing the Repton and Willington division.

Angelique Foster

Cabinet Member for Council Services County Councillor for Dronfield West and Walton Division

Angelique Foster - Dronfield West and Walton Division

Alan Griffiths

County Councillor for Long Eaton Division

Alan Griffiths - Long Eaton Division

ALAN GRIFFITHS is the County Council for the Long Eaton Division, a role he has held since May 2017. Alan is the vice chairman of the council's audit committee and a member of the planning committee.

Linda Grooby

County Councillor for Buxton North and East Division

Linda Grooby - Buxton North and East Division

LINDA GROOBY was elected to Derbyshire County Council in May 2017 representing Buxton North and East Division. She is also a High Peak Borough Councillor for Cote Heath.

Carol Hart

Cabinet Member for Health and Communities County Councillor for Breadsall and West Hallam Division

Carol Hart - Breadsall and West Hallam Division

Garry Hickton

County Councillor for Petersham Division

Garry Hickton - Petersham Division

GARRY HICKTON is the Derbyshire County Councillor for the Petersham Division in Long Eaton, a role he was first elected to in 2009 and again in 2017. Garry is a cabinet support member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure.

Richard Iliffe

County Councillor for Heanor Central Division

Richard Iliffe - Heanor Central Division

Tony Kemp

County Councillor for Buxton West Division

Tony Kemp - Buxton West Division

Tony King

Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development County Councillor for Ilkeston West Division

Tony King - Ilkeston West Division

TONY KING was elected to Derbyshire County Council in 2017 representing Ilkeston West. He is Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration.