Lowest Council Tax rise and highest increase in spending in many years: Conservatives set ambitious budget for 2020/21

Conservative-run Derbyshire County Council has set an ambitious budget for 2020/21, with the lowest Council Tax rise in five years and the highest increase in spending on services since 1997.

Schools, carbon reduction and services for vulnerable children and adults are among the areas set to receive a funding boost, as Councillors met yesterday to set the budget for the forthcoming year.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Barry Lewis said: “This is a budget which reflects residents’ priorities - the issues that you tell us are important. While there are still challenges ahead, we are delighted to be able to put forward significant cash boosts for the services that Derbyshire relies on, and at minimal cost to residents.”

The core element of the County’s share of Council Tax is to be frozen, while the Adult Social Care Levy will rise by just 2% - meaning Derbyshire residents will benefit from one of the lowest rises in the Country.

The extra funding agreed for the year ahead includes:

  • £20.7m for children’s services
  • £18.9m for adult social care
  • £4m to help tackle climate change
  • £15m for a new care home and £3m more for care home maintenance
  • £23.6m to build new schools, expand existing ones and undertake essential repairs
  • £29.7m for road maintenance and transport infrastructure projects

Astonishingly, Labour Councillors voted against all of this, choosing instead to play politics on these important issues.

Pictured: the Council Chamber in Matlock shortly after the 2020/21 budget was approved.