Ripley West and Heage - Paul Moss

Paul has lived in the Division all his life and understands the issues facing both the town and rural communities.  

He is a councillor on Amber Valley Borough Council, where one of his main priorities is holding the Labour administration to account regarding their poor financial management of the council! As a Councillor, Paul has supported electors on many issues, including defending the Green Belt, lobbying on planning applications and installing new play equipment.  He has campaigned to protect the Greenbelt in Ripley West, voting against the Local Plan.  

Paul will campaign to deliver value for money whilst ensuring that services are delivered in the most effective way.  If elected, he will draw upon his experience working for Nigel Mills MP.  Paul dealt with issues from constituents, covering a range of County Council areas, including Highways, Adult Social Care and Education. 

He is also Chair of Governors at Lons Infant School in Ripley. Paul understand very well the issues facing schools with regards to funding and the Covid-19 challenges.  As Chair and a parent, he has seen at first hand the professionalism and dedication of teaching staff who work tirelessly hard.

Whilst responding to the Covid-19 pandemic is, and will continue to be the priority, Paul believes that it’s important that we stimulate economic activity.  There needs to be economic recovery in our Town Centres, looking at providing grants to assist businesses and taking measures to ensure that our Town Centres remain Covid safe. He has challenged Labour at Amber Valley, lobbying for free car parking provision to help stimulate town centre footfall and support businesses. 

As a motorist and a keen walker, Paul knows how frustrating potholes and poor pavements can be.  For many voters, highways are probably one of the more visible issues that affect the public. He will campaign to ensure that improvements of highways will continue to remain a key County Council priority.