Over the last four years Labour-run Derbyshire County Council's fifteen-strong Cabinet have collectively claimed at least £1.4 million in allowances and expenses.

The figures, published on the county council website, reveal a massive 34% increase in the combined cost of Labour's senior councillors since they took control in 2013 from £293,000 to the 2015/16 level of more than £394,000.

As well as increasing the size of its Cabinet and support members, the Labour group has increased the number of Labour councillors who receive "special responsibility" allowances. 

Now, 36 of the council’s 44 Labour councillors receive a ‘special responsibility allowance’. 

Conservative Group Leader Barry Lewis said: "Labour is definitely making local people pay. 

"When they announced changes to its cabinet - including an immediate 12% pay rise for cabinet members after the 2013 election - Labour said the changes would save money. This is simply not true. 

"Whilst senior Labour councillors got a 12% increase, council staff had their pay cut or pay rises limited to 1% a year."

Councillor Lewis said some councillors had seen their allowances rise by more than 60% over the period - one senior councillor by as much as 88% and another by 68% despite having a full time job elsewhere. 

"If the Conservatives are successful and take back control of the council in May, we will immediately reverse the 12% pay rise Labour's senior councillors gave themselves. We will also reduce the numbers of councillors who receive extra allowances. 

"This is nothing short of a scandal. Clearly, Labour's motto: ‘Everything to Lose’ rings very true in Derbyshire," he added.  

Details of all councillor allowances and expense claims must be published by law and are available on the county council’s website:


​​     24 April 2017