Labour scaremongering exposed

Derbyshire Conservatives have exposed the county's Labour Party latest scaremongering campaign as a disgraceful attempt to frighten vulnerable older people into voting for them.


"There is no threat to bus passes, winter fuel allowances or TV licences," says Conservative Group Leader Barry Lewis.


"The petition Derbyshire Labour has created is a shameful attempt to frighten old and vulnerable people into believing their bus passes and fuel allowances are under threat in a desperate bid to get people to vote for them.  


"It is the Government that is responsible for these allowances - not the County Council. And the Conservative Government has spelt out its intention in its 2015 Manifesto - it will protect pensioner benefits including the free bus pass, TV licences and Winter Fuel payments. You can't get clearer than that."


Councillor Lewis said it was a sign of a political party that is desperate to cling on to power if it has to peddle lies and frighten old and vulnerable people.


"The Government is clear - no cuts to bus passes or fuel allowances. End of story. If Corbyn-supporting Derbyshire Labour had been doing a good job they wouldn't need to resort to these unpleasant tactics."


​12 April 2017