Tackling care for older people and unblocking hospital beds are top priorities for Derbyshire Conservatives highlighted in their 2017 manifesto.

And they have pledged to help relieve the workload and stress of the county's carers by providing 5000 half day breaks.

"We made it our mission to transform the care of older people when we were in control of Derbyshire County Council,"  said Conservative Group Leader Barry Lewis.

"We had an innovative, self-funded £30m programme that provided local people with the full range of care options. We would have replaced our old and out-dated residential homes with high quality care in modern-style accommodation across the county."

He went on to stress that no existing old people's home would have closed until a new one was available for residents.

"But it all came to a stop under the Corbyn-supporting Labour administration," added Councillor Lewis. "And they have done nothing to deal with the continuing care crisis in the county."

Now Derbyshire Conservatives promise to restart the cutting-edge programme if they take back control after the 4 May elections.

In a further move, they are promising a £10 million cash injection to unblock the county's hospital beds and help older people return home with the support they need.

"We need an urgent and appropriate response to tackle the problem head on," continued Councillor Lewis.

"Our plans would be to work closely with the NHS, our voluntary and private sector partners to find a long term solution. After four years Labour has failed to do that."

And to recognise the plight of the county's unsung army of carers, they are promising to fund 5,000 half-day breaks to give voluntary carers some time off. 

"There are huge numbers of fulltime carers who get little respite from the 24/7 attention they generously provide," said Councillor Lewis. "We will pay for cover so carers get some much-needed time off."

"Derbyshire Conservatives are offering innovative solutions to the very real issues facing Derbyshire today. Labour has failed and has got its priorities wrong."

                                                                                                                             10 April 2017