Councillors George and Jean Wharmby donate £1000 grant to Charlesworth and Chisworth Cricket Club

Cllrs George and Jean Wharmby, Derbyshire County Councillors for Glossop and Charlesworth have donate £1000 from their members' community leadership funding to support Charlesworth and Chisworth Cricket Club to be able to purchase additional kit and equipment. 

By purchasing additional kit and equipment, we can make sure that the local children / members who do not have access or means to purchase their own kit, and who would normally share from the communal club kit bag, are able to continue playing and training this season. The grant will enable the club to purchase the extra kit/equipment needed, so that the children do not share with other junior members as this is no longer permitted with the current covid restrictions. The kit will remain the property of the Club, but the children can solely have use and access to what they need.