Cllr Carol Hart Supports Helping Hooves CIC


Helping Hooves Derbyshire CIC offer non ridden equine activities for people of all ages who want to look after their mental wellbeing. With a focus on early intervention and peer support rather than a clinical approach we want to build a safe community space for people wanting to learn new skills and meet like minded people.

We have struggled over lockdown with ongoing costs and having no income, and were finding funding that was appropriate for us to apply for difficult. We approached Carol Hart as our County Council member and explained our situation, we were delighted when she was able to help us fund much needed bio security so we could open to 1:1 coaching safely.
We were also able to purchase some much needed additional equipment for the agility playground and Pony paint to provide a more varied programme of activities.

Without Carol's help we wouldn't have been able to fund the reopening of the centre post lockdown as we were struggling to maintain our core costs , her advice and assistance has been invaluable in getting the centre back on its feet.

Since we had the grant we have had 40 plus people return and enjoy the services and time with the ponies in bubble coaching and 1:1 provision . We look forward to that number increasing as summer goes on and restrictions are lifted.