Open Letter from Cllr Simon Spencer Leader of Opposition, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Authority‏

At the Fire Authority meeting that took place last Thursday members were presented with a thin 8 page document that was its response to the 450 page public consultation. Whilst proposing what was on the face of it a series of sensible and agreeable key principles and outcome proposals, what the lack of detail masked is of very great concern to the Conservative Group members. 

Fire Authority News

Cllr Simon Spencer on behalf of the Conservative group if it helps your story:"Whilst we welcome the public response to the proposals the paper presented today at the Fire Authority meeting provided no clarity to the public about what is really going to happen to the fire service in Derbyshire. Will it be Proposal B and therefore station closures by stealth? Or is the Labour controlling group going to make it up as they go along? What will fire cover and response times (a big issue for the public), be for Derbyshire in 2022? None of this was clear in this paper and that's why we chose to abstain."

Labour: Scorched by their own Proposals

Labour has wasted thousands of pounds of public money by embarking on a consultation exercise and then predetermining the outcome.  Labour councillors claim that the Labour Chairman, and it is assumed the Labour members of the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Authority (DFRA) will not support the proposals put forward by the Authority. 

Labour Claim Tory Ideas as Their Own

An announcement was made in Full Council by Labour leader Anne Western about 'Challenge Derbyshire' which she claimed as a new concept of invest to save.

Conservatives Secure a Key Concession in Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Authority Radical Plans for the Service

Last Thursday, the Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Authority committee voted to consult the public on a radical set of proposals to transform the way the Fire and Rescue Service is delivered in Derbyshire.  The minority Conservative Group consisting of just four members from the County and the City of Derby negotiated a key concession to ensure that the consultation included looking at options to merge Fire Authorities, and to work more collaboratively across borders to achieve savings in shared services and management.

Labour Devastate Derbyshire County Council

Labour’s increased spending, bungling, pay rises to Cabinet members, delays and dithering about the previous administrations savings programme has now created a £10m spending gap in 2014-15, which will be compounded in 2015-16 when a further £50m, nearly £30m more than planned will need to be found.

Derbyshire Labour: Destined to Fail

DCLG Minister Eric Pickles gave the Labour leaders of Derbyshire short-shrift in their ill thought out quest to meet with him. In what was yet another clear party political electioneering ploy that ignored sensible joined-up approaches to get Government to listen they instead opted to attempt lock horns. Clearly understanding that the minister was unlikely to play ball.Derbyshire Conservatives believe that the level of cuts being imposed upon local authorities are now above and beyond their fair share and have lobbied through the powerful Local Government Association, of which Cllr Andrew Lewer, the Leader of Derbyshire Conservative Group is Deputy Chairman. Cllr Lewer said"There are clear and effective channels through which local government can influence and challenge ministers on issues like this. Cllr Western and her colleagues knew they were destined to fail but the headline was all that mattered to them.Derbyshire Conservatives will continue to use effective means to make Government and Ministers listen to the combined and powerful voices of Local Authorities, across all parties, about our real concerns on the issue of local government funding."

Breakfast Clubs: A Good Scheme Undermined by Half-Baked Labour thinking

Today Cabinet approved a paper to introduce a trial for Breakfast Clubs in schools where a need, the basis of which is deprivation, has been identified. Derbyshire Conservatives welcome the idea in principle as they believe this will do much to increase attendance amongst those children where it is currently poor and generally improve school behaviour. However, the implementation of the scheme requires additional thought to ensure it targets those that most need it by working with Multi Agency Teams and Family Intervention services. This report gives scant regard to this. Perhaps most fundamentally this report fails to recognise that it is ultimately the responsibility of parents to ensure their children are fed and get to school. Not the responsibility of the State.Perhaps some of the money would be better spent to encourage and educate the parents?

Labour Looks to Generate Revenue from Motorists

In plans to go before Cabinet tomorrow Labour controlled DCC are to give the go-ahead to a £1million scheme that will digitise 70 of the county and city's speed cameras. The controversial move will bring 60 cameras that are currently defunct back into use.  


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