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Taxpayer Funding Resumes for Left-Wing Campaigning Group

Derbyshire County Council Labour Cabinet members today approved a paper to resume funding the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre (DUWC), despite prior legal advice from the authority declaring the organisation a political group and therefore not eligible to receive taxpayer funding.  The grant totalling nearly £40,000 will be given to the organisation that famously produced T-shirts that celebrated the eventual death of Margaret Thatcher in September 2012; months before her actual death on 8th April 2013.  The DUWC attracted nationwide condemnation, even from senior trade union officials such as Brendan Barber of TUC who described the slogans as “sickening”. 

Labour’s First Cabinet:

Turning Back the Clock to the 1970s Era of Tax and Spend Politics and Muted Opposition

Labour Tries to Hoodwink the Public

Labour controlled DCC recently issued a press release (20th May) that was full of blatant inaccuracies and misleading statements designed to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. In what was one of the biggest changes to the constitution in decades at last week’s full council meeting, issued to members to consider just two hours before it; they took away the right of councillors to ask questions of cabinet members. This from the group that said in the run up to the election they would make the council more transparent - not less. 

Labours First Act: A Pay Rise and a Fundamental Change to the Constitution to Silence the Opposition

At Wednesday’s first Full Council following the elections the new Labour administration pushed through two important agenda items; one that paid Cabinet members more money for less work and used money from the Local Government Pension Scheme to pay the chairman and vice-chairman of that committee.  They then followed this with the biggest change to the constitution seen in decades, taking away the right of backbench councillors to ask questions of Cabinet members on decisions the council makes.

Derbyshire Shadow Cabinet

Andrew Lewer announces new Shadow Cabinet.Leader of the Opposition: Andrew LewerShadow Cabinet Member for Economy, Jobs and Transport: Simon SpencerShadow Cabinet Member for Health and Communities: Carol HartShadow Cabinet Member for Council Services: Mike LongdenShadow Cabinet Member for Children and Young People: Barry LewisShadow Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care: Wayne MajorShadow Cabinet Member Without Portfolio: Kevin Buttery

PM Visits Derbyshire

Derbyshire Conservatives were delighted to welcome the Prime Minister to Long Eaton on Monday where a meeting took place between candidates for the Derbyshire County elections and David Cameron at the Novotel in Long Eaton.

Derbyshire Conservatives 2013 Manifesto‏

Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport and local MP, joined Derbsyhire County Leader Cllr Andrew Lewer and Councillors and candidates from across Derbyshire to launch the controlling Conservative Group's Manifesto for the County Council elections on 2nd May. Mr McLoughlin hailed the Manifesto as forward looking and paid tribute to the work of the Conservative Administration since they sensationally took control of Derbyshire County Council in 2009. Cllr Lewer highlighted the 0% Council Tax pledge for 2014-15, which would make an historic four years of 0% Council Tax rises at the County Council, a guarantee that all of Derbyshire's libraries would stay open, work to integrate health and social care spending and 'pot hole busters' - extra work on the County's roads due to what has been independently assessed as some of the wettest and most road damaging weather on record." View our 2013 Manifesto‏ 

Derbyshire Conservatives Close to Delivering in Four Years What Labour Failed to in Twenty-Eight: A New Station for Ilkeston!

The Secretary of State for Transport announced that Derbyshire County Councils application for Government funds to build a new station for Ilkeston is a step closer. Local and County Conservatives have long advocated that Ilkeston should have a station. Since taking power at County Hall Conservatives have worked diligently with Officers to deliver a robust strategy and package to bring a new train station to Ilkeston; the largest town in England without one.