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Labour-run Derbyshire County Council is accused of plunging the county into darkness as the number of broken street lights continues to rocket.

Derbyshire Labour no longer here to 'Improve Life for Local People'

Derbyshire County Councils motto used to be 'improve life for local people' but Derbyshire Labour now appear to have dropped this.  A recent look at the authority’s corporate branding on the website shows that they have removed the motto. 

Courtaulds Goes into Administration: Conservatives Pledge Practical Help

The Derbyshire County Conservative Group expressed their concern over the loss of more than 300 jobs at the Belper factory of Courtaulds after it went into administration this week. Local County Council members Stuart Bradford and David Taylor (Alport Division) have sought to ensure that local efforts are directed at providing practical help to affected workers to ensure that efforts are made to secure continuing employment or new posts elsewhere.  

Derbyshire County Conservatives: Labour Gerrymandering by using £2.3million of Public Money in its Own Wards

Derbyshire Conservatives today blasted the Labour controlling Group for its use of public money to shore up its vote in mainly Labour heartlands.  This follows the announcement today by Derbyshire County Council that they would seek to approve £2.3million expenditure from the Council's General Reserves at Cabinet next week in its 'Communities Priorities Programme'.  They want to use taxpayers money, via their councillors, to deliver projects in areas by using the Governments definitions of high need. 

Derbyshire Conservatives Slam Out of Touch Labour on Cuts

Today, the Derbyshire Conservative Group slammed the controlling Labour administration for being out of touch with the public and running down the County’s General Reserve.  By 2020 the General Reserve is projected to be just 2.7% of the county’s revenue, a worryingly low figure that makes the authority vulnerable to running out of cash to manage unexpected pressures on its budget.  The buffer to the county’s finances as it grapples with the savings it needs to make, known as the Risk Management Budget is to be reduced to zero in the next two years further compounding the pressure on the County’s finances.

Richard the choice for Conservatives at Police Election

A Derbyshire Dales District Councillor has been selected to contest next May’s Police and Crime Commissioner Election in Derbyshire for the Conservatives.Richard Bright, 40, was endorsed as the new candidate following a selection meeting by party members from across Derbyshire at Ashover Village Hall.Richard said: “I am delighted to have been chosen by Derbyshire residents to contest the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Conservatives. “I will be Commissioner for both urban and rural Derbyshire and will support our hardworking officers to tackle all types of crime from anti-social behaviour to traffic offences“I also want to get better value for money for taxpayer and I understand the need for more collaboration with other police organisations and better use of new crime-fighting technology.“A Conservative Police Commissioner will also be able to work closely with Government to get the best deal possible for Derbyshire helping make our county a safer place to live.”

Derbyshire Labour Fail Glossop Residents with Undeliverable Promises

Derbyshire Labour have recently written to residents in Glossop and said they cannot deliver a library in the towns Victoria Hall, something they promised they would do during their 2013 County Election campaign. The previous Conservative administration was committed to building a £2million library on an alternative site with a children's library and play area because the costs and liabilities were too high to continue to use Victoria Hall, promising a library fit for the 21st century.

Derbyshire Conservatives Bemused at Difficult Labour Promise to Install Cameras at School Crossings

At today's Cabinet Meeting Labour Cabinet Member for Highways, Dean Collins, promised he would look to installing cameras at school crossings to replace School Crossing Patrols that his administration is cutting.  Conservative Deputy Leader and Shadow Highways Cabinet Member for Highways, Simon Spencer said, "Dean clearly doesn't know what he's doing and is somewhat out of his depth. He was fumbling for ideas to placate protestors in the meeting and has made promises he's going to find very difficult and expensive to deliver. There's currently no legislation that could support placing cameras on school pelican crossings, it is an area that raises all sorts of safeguarding issues, as well as logistical and technical issues.  It will be interesting to see how he will try to implement this and we look forward to hearing more from Cllr Collins."  The promise was made after protestors raised issues that removing highly visible school crossing patrols from schools would lead to potential accidents. They raised issues about drivers ignoring traffic lights and crossings and told of their experiences of near misses. Cllr Collins then said he was looking at cameras as an option and made promises to look at installing them at crossings to catch wrongdoers. Current legislation makes this extremely difficult and there are several technical and legal issues that would need to be overcome, making the scheme expensive and untenable.  Cllr Barry Lewis, Conservative Leader, said, "What Labour have failed to grasp is the school crossing patrol service is about preventing accidents and conflict outside schools, it is not about recording incidents or fining drivers for a mistake they really shouldn't be making in the first place. Councillors really should think carefully before making statements on the hoof that shows up their lack of knowledge."