Canaan Trust Request Financial Assistance from Derbyshire County Councillors

Coronavirus has adversely effected many local organisations and Canaan Trust is no different. Most of the fund raising events organised by Canaan trust this year had to be cancelled due to Covid - 19 and Kevin Curtis from the trust appealed directly to Councillors Kewal Singh Athwal, Alan Griffiths and Garry Hickton for Grant assistance to enable the work of the trust to provide a meaningful service to the local homeless / vulnerable people to continue. Cllrs Athwal, Griffiths and Hickton rapidly responded by providing a £3000 Grant from the Members Community Leadership Scheme to support this work.

Kevin Curtis, Project Manager  Said;

"Covid 19 impacted so many individuals and families across the community in diverse ways – loss of income; struggling with debt / inability to pay rent or utilities; challenge of paying essential bills or buying food; contending with fleeing domestic abuse; single mothers with new born babies; need to provide food for children who were off school; individuals and families socially isolating on account of the risk of infection or cut off from their normal support network on account of the lock-down regulations.

The Canaan Trust truly appreciate and value the support of Cllrs Athwal, Griffiths, and Hickton collectively providing the £3,000 in funding to assist us in our work supporting individuals and families in need during the Covid lock-down".

Cllr Kewal Singh Athwal Said;

"My colleagues Cllr Griffiths, Hickton and myself are delighted that we could respond in a timely manner to assist Canaan Trust in their very worthwhile work to help the homeless and vulnerable people of our area"